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The State of the World
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Introducing the World Revolution


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Introducing the World Revolution

The World Revolution: Introduction & Overview

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The State of the World
Brief Intro to Global Issues

Overview of Global Issues

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background & supporting literature

Building the City of Man: Outlines of a World Civilization
by W. Warren Wagar (PDF format, size: 1 MB)
This book was the original source of inspiration for the idea of the World Revolution.  It was written in 1971 by Warren Wagar, who is a Distinguished Teaching Professor of history and future studies at SUNY Binghamton (State University of New York).  Please note that the World Revolution is not meant to follow all the points of this book.  This is the full text of the book in PDF format, which requires the special free software, Adobe Arobat Reader, available for download here.

Resurrect the R-Word
by Michael Albert
Article calling for the resurrection of the R-word, "revolution", written by Michael Albert of Z Magazine/ZNet.  The full article talks mainly about issues relating to the United States.